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"Young Jaguar prowlin',

'bout to go on a trip"


Working man's hero. Blue collar bard. Dreamer.


Jagger James is a man on a journey, striving to be the best version of himself, and putting it all on the record as he does. Drawing inspiration from his own life, and the lives of those around him, Jagger approaches his music with an urgent delivery and an infectious swagger, deftly combining glib punchlines with an earnest attitude to capture his story, utilizing a variety of moods and sonics


Since the November 2018 release of his debut solo EP, BABY JAGUAR, Jagger James has been focused on developing and expanding his sound further, collaborating with artists of various genres. His latest release, "NEVER SETTLE (REMIX)", a reimagining of one of his most popular songs, features guest appearances from Montreal artist Patrik and Missassauga spitter AR Paisley, and serves as his ethos as he prepares to take on his city and the world at large in the new decade


"I am my fans" Jagger says, "I'm on the same journey they are. I have the same goals and struggles. We all just want to grow and be our authentic selves. I want to self-actualize, and I want my listeners to be inspired to self-actualize alongside me. I'm not on a soapbox, I'm not telling anyone how to live, I don't have the answers. I'm just looking for them."

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